Are Democrats That Stupid?

Are Democrats that stupid or do they simply follow their leaders blindly without thinking? Less than 30% of Democrats view Orlando as a terrorist attack and three out of every five Democrats view this as a domestic gun violence as if a couple of gangsters just shot each other over a bad drug deal.  The fact that the shooter, Omar Mateen, stated it was a Jihadist attacks doesn’t seem to concern the average Democrat who seems more concerned about denying law abiding citizens their own guns or putting citizens on FBI secret lists so they find yet another methods to steal guns from law abiding citizens.  

This should put this campaign in the perspective as we have a major political party where the leaders dare not utter the words radical Islamic terrorists or jihadist. The less one mentions the problem, the less one has to deal with the problem or so the theory goes.  Barack Obama and the Democratic Party live in an alternative universe where there is no threat from Jihadists.

What we did find out is that maybe Democrats are tolerant of Jihadists but Jihadists are not tolerant of Leftist Democrats any more than they are tolerant of conservative Republicans. The targeting of a gay bar was not by accident but a reflection of how radical Islamists view the gay lifestyle. 

Gay communities may want to view the Jihadist threats personally since at least 10 Muslim nations have a death penalty for being gay and guess who has reaped the reward from countries that routinely treat women as second class citizens and persecute gays?  Hillary Clinton and her family foundations have collected millions of dollars from these countries while she plays the role of the protector of gay’s and women’s rights.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton certainly didn’t advance the cause of women and gays throughout the world and Obama’s policies in which she played a role designing.

National Review's Jonah Goldberg noted, in a piece that too often evangelical Christians are often compared to Islamic radicals as they are one and the same. Jonah Goldberg summarizes the stupidity of this argument, “The notion that American Christians, even the most ardent Christian conservatives, are indistinguishable from Islamists — or even the typical “moderate Muslims” of Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc. — in their attitudes and practices with regard to homosexuality is not just stupid and ignorant; it is almost literally insane…I understand why gays can’t stand it when some American Christians talk about “curing” homosexuality. But (a) that is not the law in America and (b) no matter how you slice it, wanting to “save” gays from perceived sin is just plain different from wanting to kill them. No seriously, you could look it up. Wanting to maintain the traditional definition of marriage is different from throwing gay people off buildings or crushing them with stones. Does anyone doubt that a gay Afghan would rather move to the U.S. than take his chance on being outed in Kabul?”

The political left in this country often treat many of their citizens as the enemy and at times are more tolerant of our enemies. The Republican nomination of Donald Trump will not rate as the highlight in the history of the Party but the nomination of Hillary Clinton is a disgrace for any major political Party as her incompetence, corruption and overall history of lying would stain the honor of any Party.  I will conclude with this, no Democrat can ever criticize any Republican for supporting Trump if they are prepared to unleash Hillary Clinton on America.  And any Party that views taking guns from law abiding citizens as a solution against Radical Jihadist can no longer be trusted with power of a great nation.  


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