Bill to Secure Southern Border Passes House

Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed my Border Tunnel Task Force Act to enhance border security and mobilize efforts to crack-down on border tunnel threats. 

As Texans, we see firsthand the stress that the border crisis is placing on our communities. Every day, drugs, gang members, and criminals are allowed to stream across our border undetected, using whatever means necessary to enter our nation, including tunnels, to carry out illicit activities that threaten our families. By creating Border Tunnel Task Forces, the brave men and women tasked with patrolling our border will have the necessary resources and information to combat this threat. I appreciate the support of my colleagues, and Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Mike McCaul (R-TX), to employ a comprehensive border security approach and finally crack-down on this dangerous loophole."

The need for Border Tunnel Task Forces:

  • Since 1990, the Department of Homeland Security has discovered approximately 200 high-tech drug-smuggling tunnels crossing from Mexico into the United States.  
  • These advanced tunnels can be used to traffic humans as well as narcotics, like heroin, directly into the State of Texas and other border states.
  • These tunnels are difficult to detect without sophisticated equipment or intelligence.
  • "Special Interest Aliens" from around the world use our porous southern border to enter the U.S. undetected and attempt to carry out terrorist attacks. 

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