CD 25 Spotlight on Dianne Costa Part 3 - National Security and Border Security

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Congressional District 25 Republican candidate and former Mayor of Highland Village, Texas, Dianne Costa. This is the third of five parts of this interview. This segment focuses on Mayor Costa's views on National Security and issues related to Border Security.

As a mother of two military sons, Mayor Costa is uniquely qualified to weigh in on issues where troops may be sent into harm's way. As a member of Congress, she will have to deal with many issues relating to authorizing the use of military force by the President. Also military spending will be considered in important legsislation facing the next Congress as we look to rebuild from the damages done to the military forces by the Obama administration. One propasal being put forth by Houston area Congressman Ted Poe puts forth the idea of Governors of border states being authorized to deploy their state's National Guard at Federal expense. Watch this video as Mayor Costa weighs in on this idea.

The 25th Congressional District stretches from the southwestern portions of Tarrant County 200 miles across Central Texas to the western side of Travis County. It encompasses all or parts of 13 counties: Hays, Travis, Burnet, Lampasas, Coryell, Bell, Hamilton, Bosque, Erath, Johnson, Somervell, Hill and a small portion of Tarrant. The seat is currently held by Congressman Lloyd Doggett who has elected not to run for re-election in this district.

Map of Newly Drawn CD-25

Full Transcript:

Bob Price: Well Dianne, national security is a big issue to people all across the country, but particularly here in Texas. I understand that you have two sons that are in the Army Reserves, is it?

Dianne Costa: We have our two youngest sons, one is in the Army Reserves and one is in the National Guard.

Bob Price: Okay, and one of our Congressmen from Houston, Ted Poe, has proposed deploying the National Guard along the U.S. Border, not deploying them, but allowing governors of border states to deploy National Guard troops along the borders, but have the federal government pay for that expense, while the control remains under the governors' control, which allows the National Guard to actually have law enforcement capabilities. As a mother of a guardsman, what do you think about applying that type of security to our border?

Dianne Costa: Well look, our two sons joined the military after 9/11 because of the fear of being attacked by outside forces. They voluntarily joined. They were not drafted, and their sole purpose was to secure our nation for their families, for their children. The federal government has not done the job that we as tax payers have paid to do, and in fact, that's the main job of the federal government. My sons are ready and willing to do what they have to do to secure the border, and I am absolutely in favor of our national guard going to our borders. However, I would want to make sure that it is a bill that is sent to, a financial bill, that is sent to the federal government. Our citizens pay taxes, federal taxes for national security. If the states are going to be picking it up, it's not fair that our citizens should have to pay double for a job that the federal government is supposed to be doing. So, I would say that our children are more than willing to go protect our borders, that's why they volunteered to get into the military, but because the federal government is not doing their jobs, it looks like it does fall to the states, but our taxpayers should not have to pay for what the federal government is supposed to be doing twice.

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