Closing Guantanamo

The cold-blooded, calculating terrorists sitting in Guantanamo murdered and plan to continue killing Americans. Since President Obama took office, he has released 150 terrorists back to their home countries.

In fact, Spanish and Moroccan police just arrested four suspected members of a jihadi cell who recruited fighters for the Islamic State. One is described as a former Gitmo detainee who formerly fought with militants against Americans in Afghanistan.

The 91 high-security prisoners remaining at Guantanamo committed some of the most repulsive crimes known to all of us. Severely lacking in detail, the plan to close Gitmo fails to describe where, under what authority, and at what cost the relocation of these terrorists will be.

It is against the law to transfer terrorist detainees to American soil without congressional approval. The United States should do everything it can to keep terrorists out of our country, not purposely bring them here.

Closing Gitmo endangers our U.S. national security, and it is a bad idea.

And that is just the way it is.


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