Coming Soon: Nuclear War In The Middle East

Non-proliferation used to be the policy of America and the West. It has not been completely successful, but has worked okay.

The new nuclear arms race in the Middle East is different. With so many conflicts seemingly always going on - war in Syria, war in Iraq, war in Yemen, war in Libya, terrorists everywhere, conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, and Hezbollah in Lebanon - danger lurks.

Recently, the greatest success of Obama's war on terror collapsed in Yemen to Iran and its rebel allies who now are dashing for Yemeni ports and the Red Sea, a vital oil shipping choke point. So now Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, UAE, and Qatar are engaging via air strikes and with naval and army forces to stop the Iranian advance. Can you imagine if the countries involved had nuclear weapons - i.e. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.? How quickly could a dispute escalate into a nuclear exchange? Be patient, in the next year or two they could all be nuclear powers.

President Obama allegedly opposes global warming, but what do you think the impact would be on our global environment? Not good. This is the Obama legacy coming soon to our world. Maybe the Nobel committee can ask for a return of the Peace Prize Obama was given for accomplishing nothing, except bringing us closer to nuclear war.


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