Congressman Poe: Tighten the Screws on North Korea

The rogue nation of North Korea is the greatest threat to U.S. national security and to the peace and stability of the entire world. Kim Jong-Un’s recent ICBM tests and revelations that the regime has miniaturized a nuclear warhead requires a stern and united response. I applaud recent sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council and President Trump’s adoption of Congress’s new sanctions package. These measures will apply pressure on Pyongyang that is long overdue. But there is still more to be done: China and Russia must take this urgent threat to peace seriously and enforce sanctions on North Korea to the full extent. Congress will continue working to ensure that all international actors tighten the screws against the North Korean menace and to ensure that all tools of diplomacy are brought to bear against Pyongyang in order to protect the American people and our allies abroad. The United States military must stand ready to respond to an attack by North Korea.


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