Foreign Investment from China Poses Potential Threat to National Security

Recently on the floor, I discussed the potential national security threat China poses to our country through foreign investment. Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video can be found here

Let's be wary when China tries to just blend in internationally, that its rosy rhetoric and misleading narrative of cooperation are often camouflage for its true and more troubling aims. Now we know there are high-level negotiations between the United States and the Chinese government on the issue of trade, and that's a good thing.

I, like many of my colleagues, believe strongly in free trade and we shouldn't use national security as a pretext for economic protection, but the national security concerns are indeed real.

For example, in the ZTE matter, which is a subject of some debate as it should be, and discussion here in the Congress following the negotiation by Secretary Ross of a deal that he is proposing. For those of us who serve on the Intelligence Committee and on the Armed Services Committee, I assure you that the threat China poses is real and that the dangers we worry about are already taking affect.

Our inaction can only have negative consequences, and we need to aim to prevent any future negative consequences to our country.



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