A Happy Boy

I was watching the news one evening a week or so ago. A piece from Ukraine came up. The live broadcast was from a Ukrainian broadcast that was broadcasted across the world…except where it was blocked by governments…Read Russia and China.

The broadcast was focused on a family of three. A little boy, not more than 1 or 2 years old, his father, and his mother. The scene was crowded with people and it was in a subway station. I was taken by the little boy. He had a big smile on his face and he hugged his father and laughed. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and all dressed in winter clothes.

The announcer said they were in a subway station underground to avoid Russian attacks above the ground. His mother was clearly worried about where they were and about her family. His father was a big man, middle aged, I guessed. His face was “reddish” from hard work outdoors I thought. As he hugged the little guy, I clearly noticed on his rugged face two large streams of tears running from his eyes down his cheeks. Then I realized…he was going to leave his family and go up the stairs, get his helmet, weapon, flack jacket, and goggles and join his fellow soldiers in fighting the Russian military hand to hand. He was going to leave them…not knowing if he will ever see them again.

The little guy laughed and hugged his father and his father closed his eyes. His mother held back her tears as she watched. This would have to pass as a day in the park in Kiev, Ukraine that day.

I cannot get those images out of my mind. It is unbelievably sad. The “civilized world” must do everything to stop this insanity…everything! Sanctions and hand wringing do not “cut it."

I cannot get the image out of my mind of that little guy in his father’s arms laughing and hugging his father. It has taken me almost a week to write this story. Maybe I will get some sleep now.

Do what you can. You may pass this along as you see fit. My own intellect tells me the “free world” is much closer to this eventuality than you think.


Joseph F. Speelman
United States Air Force Reserve

Attorney at Law
Admitted in Texas and Kansas


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