Iran Deal Two, A Worse Deal than Obama's and Russia is in the Middle

Despite Biden's harsh rhetoric and Ukraine assistance to fight the Russia invasion, we are using Russia as an intermediary in the Iran surrender negotiations.

This horrific deal empowers the leading state sponsor of terror and sticks it to our allies. Israeli Foreign Policy expert and head of the Project on Regional Middle East Developments at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, summarizes why this deal is insane:

"This agreement is bad for Israel and for the U.S. ... Real supervision would not, unfortunately, happen under this deal. There is no supervision today, but when the deal takes effect, it will be far from sufficient either."

"... once that Iran re-enters the JCPOA, it will gain access to its frozen assets (about $100 billion) and increased revenues from oil exports. The vast sums can fortify the regime at home, increase its activity to export the Islamic revolution in the region and beyond, and strengthen its malignant proxies.

"Russia, for its part, has made a connection between its war and the nuclear agreement by delaying the signature stage of the agreement as it sought 'assurances' from Washington that sanctions placed on it would not extend to Russian activities within Iran, such as its work to operate and build nuclear reactors at Bushehr.

"... the disorganized American withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the cautious American response to the Russian buildup and attack against Ukraine, convinced the rulers in Tehran that their policy was justified and encouraged them to stick to their position. If the agreement does go into effect, Israel will have to mount a covert campaign to thwart Iran's nuclear program."

And Gary Bauer, former Domestic Advisor to President Ronald Reagan and now head of American Values opines in his wildly followed End of Day newsletter:

"The United States and Iran do not talk to each other. Unbelievably, our negotiations with Iran are being conducted by Putin's Russia."

"Biden has already conceded that his deal will lift tough economic sanctions on Iran, and the Islamic Republic will be allowed to build several new nuclear power plants.

"Biden has conceded that Russia will build them, in spite of the sanctions we have imposed. Those plants are worth billions of dollars to Putin's Russia.

"The Biden Administration is reportedly allowing Russia to buy Iran's enriched uranium, while Russia supplies Iran with fuel for its nuclear reactors. Supposedly, that's how we will know that Iran is not building a nuclear weapon. In other words, Biden is trusting Russia to police Iran's behavior.

"But it gets even worse.

"Just like the 2015 Obama/Biden nuclear deal, there is no way the Senate will be allowed to vote on the Biden/Harris nuclear deal with Iran. Biden will call it a 'framework' or an 'executive agreement' - anything other than a treaty, which requires 67 votes in the Senate to become binding law.

  1. "Should we be sending nuclear material to the very nation we are trying to rally NATO against?
  2. "Should we allow our enemy to negotiate for us in any deal with Iran?
  3. "And who's defending our interests or Israel's interests in this deal?

"These are legitimate questions our elected leaders and serious journalists should be asking."


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