Iran Nuclear Deal: What's in it?

Last Tuesday, President Obama announced that he reached a “historic” nuclear deal with Iran. The only thing historic about this deal is how dangerous it is for the United States. This deal was driven more by the President’s legacy than what is best for our national security. Not only will this reckless deal make America less safe, it will also spark an arms race in the Middle East. Other nations in the region will understandably want the ability to defend themselves against a nuclear Iran, and they have already made those intentions known.

The agreement reached with Iran abandons this Administration's previous promises and violates longstanding U.S. foreign policy. Instead of dismantling Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, Iran now receives an international stamp of approval to enrich uranium and continue its work towards zero breakout time in 15 years. Instead of “anywhere, anytime” inspections, Iran will now get to decide if and when they allow access to IAEA inspectors. And, Iran will be able to delay inspectors for at least 24 days, plenty of time to conceal its activities to inspectors. It does not make any sense for police to give a drug lord 24 days notice that they are coming to search his house—we shouldn’t give the same notice to a country that has been lying about its nuclear program for over 20 years.

The arms embargo and economic sanctions were also abandoned. There will be a phased lifting of the arms embargo on Iran: the ban on conventional weapons will be lifted in 5 years and the ban on inter continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) lifted in 8 years. That means more weapons for Iranian sponsored terrorist groups and no restrictions on missiles that can reach the United States. The deal will also lift crude oil export sanctions on Iran, which will immediately inject billions of dollars into the coffers of the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. With the cash and weapons, Tehran is enabled to ramp up its terrorist activity throughout the world

The Iranians are hailing this deal as a victory – and they should. We have made Iran a threshold nuclear power and an even greater threat to the world than it was before. Bottom line, this is a bad deal for not only our ally Israel, but for America as well. When Congress votes up or down on this agreement in September, I will vote NO.

Last week I gave two speeches on the House Floor about Iran:
Iran-- Wolf in Wolf's Clothing
We Want the Same Deal

This week, the House will hold a classified briefing on the Iran Nuclear Deal. Secretary Kerry will be there, along with other Cabinet members. He is also expected to testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. I want to hear from you-- what questions would you like me to ask him? Please email me here to share your thoughts or call my offices at: 202.225.6565 or 281.446.0242. As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade, I will continue working to combat a nuclear Iran and to protect Americans from this irresponsible, dangerous deal. Why commit the rest of the civilized world to a future of nuclear terror for the sake of a legacy?


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