Luttrell Votes in Support of Fiscal Year 2025 Defense Appropriations Act

Congressman Morgan Luttrell (R-TX) this week voted in favor of the Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25) Defense Appropriations Act, a legislative package aimed at bolstering America’s military readiness, deterring adversaries, and supporting military personnel and their families.

"This legislation, like the FY25 NDAA, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding America’s interests and ensuring our armed forces remain the best-equipped and most prepared in the world," said Congressman Luttrell. “It not only ensures we are enhancing national security and thwarting global threats, but also supports those who serve and sacrifice for our nation. I’m proud to have secured funding for many of my priorities, such as, hypersonic infrastructure, psychedelic and TBI research, and Israel relations. By prioritizing combat readiness and strategic innovation, we are reinforcing our capabilities to confront evolving threats from our adversaries."

Congressman Luttrell notched several wins in the FY25 Defense Appropriations Act, including:

Hypersonic Test Infrastructure

  • Provided $31 million for hypersonic programs that will facilitate the advancing of U.S. hypersonic capabilities
  • Provided $10 million for hypersonic flight demonstrations using reusable rocket engine flight in demonstrations
  • Provided $5 million for hypersonic propulsion research
  • Provided $20 million for high mach high turbine engines 

Medical Research

  • Provided $15 million for Alzheimer’s Research
  • Provided $25 million Peer-Reviewed Neurofibromatosis Research

Unmanned Vehicle:

  • Included $45 million for the acquisition of commercial underwater unmanned vehicles

Psychedelic Research Funding:

  • Included $10 million for continuing the DoD pilot program studying the impacts of using psychedelic substances to treat specific neural conditions


  • $500 million for Iron Dome
  • $20 million for join TBI research
  • $500 million for the U.S. Israel Arrow weapons system
  • $500 million for join short range ballistic missile defense
  • $500 million for David’s Sling
  • $500 million for multiple joint U.S. Israel cooperation programs

Other key highlights of this legislation, include:

Countering Communist China: Allocates $200 million for Taiwan's security, retains military assets like ships and aircraft, and boosts investments in advanced military technologies.

Promoting Innovation: Funds initiatives like the Defense Innovation Unit and accelerates procurement of cutting-edge technologies.

Supporting Military Personnel: Includes a 4.5% pay raise for all military personnel and $2.5 billion for an additional 15% pay increase for junior enlisted service members.

Enhancing National Security: Increases efforts against drug trafficking and redirects funds towards core defense priorities.

Upholding American Values: Prohibits funding for President Biden’s divisive agenda and controversial executive orders, protects religious freedom, and focuses the Department on its core responsibilities.


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