Modeling the U.S. After Europe?

Most of us has heard that we should be more like Europe for many years.  For years we’ve heard that their police don’t have guns and that ours shouldn’t either.  Europe has more restrictive guns laws today than any state in America.  However, oddly enough, criminals stillget their hands on guns.  How odd..?

Almost weekly we hear about terrorist attacks in the various countries comprising Europe.  Do we ever hear of marches in the streets to outlaw guns over there?  NO!!  The citizens can’t even own a BB gun!!

The following article depicts yet another example of the atrocities occurring overseas.  Yet we go on trying to get rid of the second amendment here.  Sounds kind’a dumb, huh?

France’s Latest Attack

And go figure, they used AK47’s.?!  How did that happen?

The second amendment should have been, as an after thought, the first amendment.  Why?  Because without it, no citizen has the right to defend themselves from criminals or a totalitarian government.  Once a government gets too big and powerful, the citizenry are at the mercy of that powerful entity.  We’re getting closer every day.  But worse, the Left is taking over that government rapidly.  You should ask yourself, what will the U.S. look like when the second amendment is gone?

Just glad I’m not younger…


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