North Korea is a Terrorism State

When I met with Admiral Harris of Pacific Command last year, I asked him which nation’s threats concerned him the most. He quickly replied: North Korea. 

Proving Admiral Harris correct, North Korea illegally launched yet another menacing ballistic missile. This was a high-tech, pre-fueled rocket that can be launched quickly. This type of rocket has a range of about 1,800 miles—thus, making it an immediate threat to South Korea and Japan as well as our troops that are stationed there.

North Korea has even bigger plans. Kim Jong-un reportedly plans to develop submarines from which to launch the missiles, which could threaten the United States. The last administration pursued an ignorant strategy called strategic patience. That policy clearly failed. North Korea’s program is now stronger than ever. Kim Jong-un’s threats continue to grow bolder and bolder with no repercussions. 

Once upon a time, the United States had North Korea on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. It is time to put little Kim back on that list because he is a world terrorist and a threat to world peace, and he has earned that distinction.

And that is just the way it is. 


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