The Obama Administration Lying To The American People

Powerline Blog had an interesting article detailing John Kerry's misrepresentation of facts dealing with the Iran deal. When John Kerry stated that the Administration never had 'anytime, anywhere' inspections, this was a lie as Obama’s deputy National Security advisor Ben Rhoades promised this last April. And Weekly Standard's Lee Smith added that Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz also expected to have anytime access to Iranian facilities, or he did before Kerry finished his dealings with the Iranians. State Department Wendy Sherman forthrightly stated the rhetoric of 'anytime, anywhere' was an overreach, and the Administration didn’t really mean it. (Think about that latter declaration that the Obama Administration did not really mean they were going to strike a deal with some tough inspection rules. Or we can assume the Obama Administration was lying to the American people about what they were willing to settle for.)

According to Kerry, Iran will not be allowed to fund terrorism, but Iran's deputy foreign minister Abbas Arachgchi claimed that his country told western negotiators, “We will supply arms to anyone necessary and will import weapons from anywhere we want, and we have clarified this during the negotiations.” As Powerline Blogger Paul Mirengoff added, “Unlike Team Obama, when Iran says 'anyone and anywhere,' it’s telling the truth.” It pains me to say this, but I am starting to believe we are getting more of the truth from Iran on this deal than from our own Administration. In addition, the deal lifts the U.N. arms embargo so Iran's ability to arm their proxy just has increased along with the infusion of billions of dollars of frozen assets.

Kerry also denied that the sanctions of Quds force commander Qassem Suleimani would be lifted, but that is part of the deal. So an Iranian general who was responsible for the death of hundreds of American soldiers during the aftermath of the Iraqi conflict now has his get out of jail card.

We now learned that secret deals- including dealing with the Iranian military base at Parchin, where it is believed Iranian’s nuclear development is occurring. These issues were assigned to secret deals between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran since the United States and Iran could not come up with agreements. While the Administration knew about the deals, it has so far been unwilling to share these details with Congress and the American people.

Kerry and his boss, Obama, are asking the American people to trust these side deals but given Kerry’s misrepresentation of major facts dealing with this threat, the question is how can we truly trust Obama when major facts are being distorted? And least we forget, while four Americans are still held hostage in Iran? How can we trust an Administration on a deal that leaves four Americans trapped in Iran?


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