President Barack Obama Suggests Amnesty for Illegal Aliens by Executive Order – Texas Governor Rick Perry Responds

Since early summer, rumors have been floating around Washington DC that President Barrack Obama will grant amnesty to illegal aliens through some kind of executive action, bypassing Congressional debate or oversight. This week, Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke with Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto about this and border security issues facing Texas.

July 29th, ProPublica posted a story revealing a memo from the US Citizens and Immigration Services listing ways the government could grant permanent resident status to tens of thousands of people and delay the deportation of others, potentially indefinitely.

A month later, I reported on a story about the Director of Homeland Security taking action to virtually release tens of thousands of illegal aliens who have been detained pending deportation. The backdoor executive amnesty of Barrack Obama had begun.

Gov. Perry told Fox News about the need to secure the border of Texas and about how his requests to the federal government and to Barrack Obama directly have gone unanswered. Promises of National Guard troops and observation drones have fallen far short of promised levels. When Perry greeted President Obama at the Austin Airport on August 9th, Obama dodged a letter from Gov. Perry requesting a meeting to discuss border security issues and additional guard troops. Perry told Cavuto the letter has not been answered.

Clearly, President Obama will use every cheap political trick he can to bypass constitutionally protected principles on many issues. Border Security is clearly the President’s responsibility and he continues to abdicate that responsibility.

Governor Perry has been deploying many additional resources to the Texas Border to assist US Customs and Border Patrol and the embattled Texas Sheriffs. Over the next couple of weeks, I will bring further reports showing the work Gov. Perry has done to protect Texans and why former Houston Mayor Bill White would be a disaster as Texas Governor on this issue. Stay tuned…

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