Rep. Poe Celebrates House Passage of FTO Passport Revocation Act

Yesterday, I applauded the passage of H.R. 425, the Foreign Terrorist Organization Passport Revocation Act through the House of Representatives. This legislation authorizes the revocation or denial of passports (and passport cards) to individuals affiliated with designated foreign terrorist organizations. In addition, it allows the accused to request a hearing to ensure that their due process rights are protected, and mandates reporting to Congress whenever the State Department revokes, denies, or restricts the passports of American citizens. 

The recent terrorist attack in New York City reminds us that the enemies of liberty will not cease. They are determined to use all means necessary to threaten our very way of life. Unfortunately, some of our fellow American citizens have chosen to pledge allegiance to these same terrorist organizations that seek to do us harm. As many as 250 Americans have tried to travel to fight in Syria and more than 100 have joined the ranks of ISIS. As the so-called ISIS caliphate collapses and its cowardly followers are increasingly on the run, more American terrorists will seek to travel out of the Middle East with their U.S. passports. We must act quickly to deny these Benedict Arnold traitors the privilege of international travel with an American passport. They are a threat to our homeland and to the international community. I urge the Senate to bring this legislation to the floor quickly.

The FTO Passport Revocation Act previously passed the House unanimously in the 114th Congress. Poe is the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade.



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