Senator Cornyn Remarks on Border Security and Visa Overstays

Today, I commented on the AWOL Afghan soldiers, visa overstays and U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s recent speech trumpeting the Administration’s record on border security on the Senate floor. You can view the speech below:



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Thank you for  your work for the great State of Texas, John

My post is regarding our situation with illegal aliens over running our State and Country. This footsy playing that has accomplished nothing for years, while we are invaded is a bunch of political non-sense. Citizens made themselves very clear a couple of years ago when we jammed the phone and fax lines to Washington that we want the fence finished, and our laws enforced!

We don't want nor need immigration reform, we want strict enforcement. Our laws were passed for a reason, years ago, and have never been enforced. Now Obama is dragging his feet trying to wear us out to cram amnesty down our throats and increase the democratic voting base. Our country is being destroyed!

The people have caught on to the political non-sense and we have our gut full!

Support Arizonia. Pass the same law for Texas and watch the illegals leave the USA! I say put them on notice to get out within so many days, weeks, months, then if not gone, we deport and seize any of their property to off set the expense!

It's time US Citizens reclaim America!

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