The System is Blinking Red

As an F-22 pilot in the U.S. Air Force and someone who served abroad in many different theaters, I spent my entire professional career looking at threats that were facing the United States—specifically focused on foreign terrorists. While deployed to the Middle East fighting directly against ISIS, I saw and witnessed the tragedies and atrocities that terrorist organizations are capable of—as well as their appetite for spreading those horrors around the globe.

I am afraid that our open southern border has allowed terror groups to take major strides in their attempts to strike our homeland. Just today, reports came out that 15 possible terrorists have been caught at the southern border in only ONE month. 

How many more are in the nearly 500,000 who got away in the past nine months alone?

This number would still be hidden from the American public if not for the efforts of Congressman John Katko and myself to force the Biden Administration to publish the number of Known and Suspected Terrorists (KSTs) apprehended along the border. 

Read more about this legislation here. 

After the deadly attacks on September 11, 2001, the 9/11 Commission was set up to examine why our intelligence community failed to thwart the attack. Former CIA director George Tenet told the commission that so many warning signs for potential terrorist attacks were going off that “the system was blinking red.”

I am afraid it is blinking red yet again.

Click here or above to watch me sound the alarm bells to the House Homeland Security Committee during the Hearing on "Current Status of ISIS and al Qaeda", in advance of an in-depth conversation about the current threats our country faces.


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