Ted Cruz Says Iran Agreement Would Make America Under Obama The World's Largest Sponsor Of Terrorism

The world's current largest sponsor of terrorism is responsible for supplying the implements to kill Americans in the Middle East conflicts. The agreement itself permits Iran's 19,000 enriching centrifuges to continue spinning. The agreement says they cannot develop a nuclear weapon for 10 years. But the U.S. is allowed no inspections. Only after a UN body's inspection of particular sites has been approved after 24 days notice, may they inspect. Military sites are off limits. Period.

And even all of this is assuming that this theocracy under a theology that endorses the practice of deceiving the infidel in the interest of achieving domination, would never cheat. This is not LIKE a joke. It IS a joke. A fiction writer would not dare detail a tale of a capitulation so stupid. In the uniform of Uncle Sam, Obama has skillfully accomplished a nuclear agreement with maddened and shameless killers who vow the destruction of Israel and chants "Death To America!" DURING THE NEGOTIATIONS, while at the same time holding his ankles.

At least the posture facilitates the withdrawal from his customary source for statistics, the declaration that "ninety-nine percent of countries favor this agreement;” a proven dark, dank, malodorous but marvelously unquestioned source. AND in the agreement we send 150 billion U.S. dollars to the Iranian government. And Ted Cruz has the temerity to say the agreement makes the Obama administration the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism? Where's the mystery? The emperor is not just naked but skinned. 


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