Updates on RPT Convention, National Debt, and the Border

The following update was sent in from the Republican Party of Texas:

Convention is Two Weeks Away!

The 2010 Republican Party of Texas is just two weeks away! And this promises to be the best convention yet. Join us Friday night, June 11, at the Bar-B-Que & Boots Salute banquet featuring Rep. Pete Sessions, Rep. Michele Bachmann and emcee, former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz. Rep. Bachmann has burnished a reputation for being such a stalwart conservative that she has become the liberal Democrats' #1 target. Find out why the Tea Party patriots love her, and the MSNBC crowd doesn't, at the Friday night banquet. You do not have to be a delegate or alternate to attend this banquet!

To purchase your tickets and make all other convention arrangements before heading to Dallas, head over to the RPT's convention hub today:


National Debt To Hit $13 Trillion

The Obama administration's irresponsible spending spree hits a milestone soon, crossing the $13 trillion threshold. And what do we have to show for it? Unemployment is still unacceptably high across America, and the recession is threatening to double-dip. The Democrats' profligate stimulus spending has proven to be a complete failure. And the Democrats are just promising more of the same - more spending, more debt, leading to higher taxes.

Meanwhile, Congressional Republicans are taking the lead in proposing spending cuts. This week, the GOP House caucus rolled out a proposal to cut $1.3 trillion in spending. You can check out the summary of those proposals here.

Gimmicks on the Border, Attacks from the EPA

The Obama administration announced this week that it will send 1,200 National Guard troops to the US-Mexico border. But the troops won't help out with stemming the flow of illegal immigrants into the country - they will reportedly only work on interdicting drugs and guns.

Because, of course, drugs and guns just walk around and drive across the border all by themselves.

This proposal would put fewer than 1 troop per mile along the border. It's a gimmick, not a real proposal for a real solution to the growing security problems. The Obama administration itself even acknowledged this week that there is a a serious terror threat along Texas' southern border. It is long past time for this administration to stop the demagoguery, stop threatening states like Arizona - and now Massachusetts - that are being forced to step up and work on the problem themselves, and do its job.

One job the Obama administration hasn't been shy about doing is slamming Texas and threatening our economy with its heavy-handed central planning approach to everything. This week, Obama's EPA - the EPA chaired by the partisan Lisa Jackson - threatened to take away Texas' right to regulate our air quality. Though liberal Democrat Bill White lauds the EPA's move, the fact is that Texas is doing better than the other 49 states on increasing air quality, even though we are the nation's top energy producer and exporter. The Texas way works, and even though our current system came into being under a Democratic governor and has enjoyed bipartisan support here, the Obama and Bill White Democrats can't accept it.

The Obama EPA's move is political. The Democrat left has put a target on Texas' back because our model of conservative governance works, and their model of the national government running everything just runs everything into the ground. Bill White should stand with Texas, but he's where he always is - standing with the far left, and against Texas strength and values.

Bill White even supports limiting the voting rights for our men and women in the military. He is simply wrong for Texas, and the Lone Star State doesn't need him as governor.

This Memorial Day weekend, please pause for a moment and remember our fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and everyone who gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms. From the American Revolution to the ongoing global war on terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond, freedom has never been free.



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