US Ransom Payments to Iran

It has been the long standing policy of this country to not negotiate with terrorists. This Administration has not only negotiated with the largest State Sponsor of Terrorism, it has rewarded them. According to the Wall Street Journal, the White House facilitated a secret ransom payment for our citizens who were held hostage by the Iranians. That payment was just the first 'installment' of the $1.7 billion the President has agreed to send to Tehran.

Time and again, this Administration goes out of its way to keep both Congress and the American people in the dark. These funds will fill the coffers of the country who has facilitated and sponsored terrorism against the United States and our allies for decades. This blood money will come back to haunt us. More lives will be lost, more Americans will be kidnapped and our enemy will be stronger than ever. When will the Administration learn that those who call for “Death to America” mean what they say?


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