Where are the 'White Hats'?

You may have already heard or read about the scheduled ‘protest’ in Portland this weekend.  And sure enough, it happened, just as predicted.  Yes, we knew that Antifa was going to be present and accounted for — and they were.  Yes, it was a riot and people were injured.  But because the police were out in force, less people were hurt than what you would expect.  Law enforcement in this country seems to be catching on — we hope!?

The sad statement is that a Portland ‘news outlet’ appears to have skewed the story a bit.  The majority of their account of what happened focused more on the ‘right-wing extremists’ than the Antifa group.  Many of the photos show everyone wearing all black with the exception of a few photos.  If you read the article below you’ll see the lead photo shows people wearing more the ‘normal’ type of street cloths.  Otherwise it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad.  (No white hats were to be found.)

Let’s face it, Antifa is a radical Marxist organization founded on fascist behavior and revolutionary intent.  They undoubtedly are an offspring of RevCom.us.  (Any good communist has a revolution anticipated in his future.)  If you read a previous article on antifa, you’ll see that their roots are in the communist party.

The people of Oregon are getting tired of being pushed around by the Left.  Hence, like many good American citizens, they protest. Their definition of protest means carrying an American flag and chanting ‘clean’ phrases (not profanities).  Antifa on the other hand is a known violent group and growing day by day.  (Funded by uber rich elitists.)  Their ultimate objective is to overtake this country and eliminate our constitution (which gets in their way).

It is up to people like you to push back against these thugs and educate others that they are not representative of America’s way of conducting business.  Let’s keep the record straight even though the media won’t.

Protesters Seeking Clash on Portland Waterfront


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