Will Democrat Mayors Finally Force Biden to Take Border Crisis Seriously?

Monday on the floor I discussed congressional Democrats’ indifference towards the crisis at the southern border and the hope that Democrat mayors outraged with the consequences of the Biden Administration’s immigration policies will push the Democratic Majority to address this issue. Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s remarks are below, and video can be found here

The migration surge at the southern border has been at a crisis level for a year and a half now. Coming from a border state with 1,200 miles of common border with Mexico, we've experienced a disproportionate impact of that humanitarian surge.

Yet, our Senate Democratic colleagues, who have been in the majority now, who control both the Senate, the House and the White House, have not offered a single piece of legislation or a single response. In Texas, because of our proximity to the border, we don't have the luxury of ignoring this problem.

It simply is unacceptable for our Senate colleagues or members of the House, who haven't lifted a finger to deal with these problems, to say, ‘Well, this isn't our problem because it's not happening to us.’

Well, that's why maybe, just maybe, the fact that migrants are showing up in Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago seem to be getting the attention of others who previously have not lifted a finger or expressed any concerns whatsoever. By the way, the Biden Administration has been shipping and flying migrants into the interior of the United States for the last year and a half.

An average of 6,000 migrants cross the southern border every day, and yet the Mayor of Washington, D.C., a self-described sanctuary city, is in panic when 9,400 come to her city.

Maybe, just maybe, now that this crisis has caught the attention of the mayors of Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago, maybe the Administration will pay attention to those mayors when they've ignored this problem so far. Maybe, just maybe, they'll see that what's happening along our border every day is dangerous, unsustainable, and a problem that we need to work on together to address.


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