Will We Ever Learn?

How many times do we have to replay the same mistake in the battle with radical Islamic terrorists? Let's see, there was Fort Hood, Boston, San Bernardino, and now Orlando, and the common thread is the perpetrators warned of their radicalism to our public safety officials who promptly did nothing (but they were politically correct while doing so). Our officials avoid saying what is - is nothing about terrorism, or use stupid words like "it's a tragedy," and the left wing blames law abiding Americans who own guns or Christians who oppose men in women's bathrooms.

Let's be honest, the present homeland security system is not working like it should, and the reason is "politically correct behavior and speech" enforced from President Obama on down. It's past time to replace this mess with law enforcement that profiles, takes threats seriously, describes the war we are in and who it's with to encourage citizens to report, and does not ignore warnings like we had in Boston from Russian intelligence, from co-workers of Ft. Hood murderer Major Hasan, neighbors in San Bernardino, and now Orlando - Omar Mateen, where the FBI had been tipped about him.

The disturbing pattern is that complaints were made, investigated, and closed, and now we have 49 dead Americans.

It's past time this government be accountable for its ineptitude, and the people responsible need to be fired, not promoted or given a lateral transfer.


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