A strong national defense is vital in a post-9/11 world. That includes comprehensive border security. In keeping us safe, the government may be tempted to overreach in ways disturbing to those of us who value our liberty above all else. Spying on Americans in the name of security is unacceptable. Finding the right balance between our national security and our freedoms is essential in keeping Americans safe from terrorists who want to kill us because they hate our way of life.

We are privileged to have men and women who dedicate their lives to protect the public. We must defend and support our communities’ heroes.
I recently introduced a bill honoring the U.S. Capitol Police.
As the Biden Administration continues to roll back policies that have weakened our southern border, it is important now more than ever that law enforcement officials have the tools to stop bad actors from entering the U.S....
Over the last several weeks, Members of Congress from both chambers and sides of the aisle have agreed that the development of advanced semiconductors is of vital national security and economic importance and the...
Our men and women at the border are now on the frontlines of two battles – the border crisis and the pandemic. They should have every resource at their disposal to do their job and stay safe – that includes access to...
I recently introduced bipartisan legislation to reimburse states like Texas who have spent significant resources on enforcing federal immigration laws, which is a responsibility of the federal government.
I recently joined 30 of my colleagues in sending a letter led by Rep.
In an extremely rare and possible first, a top Iranian intelligence official has signaled that the Islamic Republic could pursue the production of nuclear weapons "if backed into a corner."
The challenges at our border are compounding by the minute and it’s imperative that our men and women protecting our border have the most up-to-date, sophisticated resources to do their jobs.
It is crucial we understand the full extent of the threat facing our nation to ensure the tragic events of January 6, 2021, never happen again.
The Houston City Council on Wednesday formally confirmed Mayor Sylvester Turner's pick for the city's new police chief, current Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner.
The federal State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) compensates states and localities for correctional officer salary expenses for incarcerating illegal immigrants.
Mayor Sylvester Turner on Thursday named Troy Finner the new chief of police in Houston, after current Chief Art Acevedo announced he was leaving to lead the Miami Police Department.
The United States maintains 1,800 sister city partnerships with countries around the world, including 157 partnerships with Chinese communities. These partnerships exist ostensibly to promote cultural exchange and economic...
Our communities must be prepared to defend against the ever-evolving cyber threats they face. Texas is fortunate to have universities like UTSA and Texas A&M to help educate governments at every level on how to prevent...
Instead of defunding, we should invest more in our law enforcement for improved training and better policies, and help foster stronger relationships between our officers and communities.
As the Biden Administration makes misguided steps to re-enter the Iran Deal, we have to ensure that funds are staying out of the dangerous hands of terrorist organizations.
This past year has been a low point, no doubt, but it is men like Brian that remind us of the grit and tenacity and good character that America was built on. He may not be with us anymore, but if we are to honor him then we...
The United States military has condemned a provocative low flyby of the USS Donald Cook by a Russian fighter jet as the American warship traversed the Black Sea on Sunday.
Congressman Tony Gonzales (TX-23) sent a letter January 14 to United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to express his concern for the national security risks posed by GH America Energy’s Blue...



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