Sen. Cornyn Statement On The Extension of Unemployment Benefits

I issued the following statement Tuesday after the Senate passed the extension of unemployment benefits:

I believe that unemployed Texans should receive the assistance for which they are eligible, but it is important to ensure that extending full federal funding of unemployment benefits does not further increase our deficit. On five separate occasions, my colleagues and I have supported extending unemployment benefits that were fully offset and Senate Democrats objected each time. When given the option to pay for these benefits with unused stimulus funds, the President and congressional Democrats chose adding to the country’s red ink over fiscal responsibility.


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Most US Senators make $174,000 per year (far more than most Americans), according to  Assuming a pool of 100 senators (rounding of course), this comes to 17,400,000 per year in spending.
Unfortunately Senators and Representatives do not have their salaries tied to performance, much like the rest of us.  I can't find a single pay-cut on record for any US Senator.  But, interestingly enough, in this era of 'belt-tightening' rhetoric from Washington, I have not heard ANY staunch conservative propose the obvious solution.  US Senators should be proposing a mere 1% pay cut for themselves, saving the US taxpayers in an effort to reduce the deficit.  
Note that in my last job, all management took 20% pay cuts to help our company.  We volunteered for it.  Some of us even took more.  So asking the Senate to take a 1% pay cut is a small request.  Perhaps it would change the public's perception of those who otherwise seem only to give themselves raises.

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