Senate Democrats Vote to Kill DREAM Act and defy Lady Gaga on "don't ask, don't tell"

Yesterday Democrats in the US Senate voted against cloture on the DREAM act. Their three "NO" votes also helped kill the repeal of the US military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, despite the pleadings of Lady Gaga and recent text exchanges between her and Senator Harry Reid.  Reid was among the three Senators who voted no.

Once again, the Democrats have lied to Hispanics. They have promised Immigration Reform and have not delivered. They have promised the DREAM Act and have not delivered. They continue to make promises to pander to the Latino community but continue to fail to deliver. Democrats continue to blame Republicans for their failures but the truth is, these democrats voted to defeat the cloture motion, thus killing the DREAM Act.

As early as last week, Senator Harry Reid and Dick Durbin doomed the DREAM Act to failure. How? They killed it by using a cheap political trick to tie the issue to the Defense Authorization Bill. They knew this would cause a hostile reaction from Republicans and even some Democrats in the Senate. No one wants to be forced into an issue with a gun to their head and that is exactly what Reid and Durbin tried to do with this trick. But the "trick" was really on the Hispanics who supported the DREAM Act.

While some Democrats may blame the Republicans for the failure, the truth is that the Democrats did not stand together to get this bill passed. Only 55 Democrats voted for cloture. Senators Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.), Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and yes, even Harry Reid (D-NV) voted to kill the cloture motion and, in effect, the bill. Had these three Democrats voted for cloture, it is quite possible that a moderate senator could have been convinced to cross over. But there is no way they were going to bring across enough votes to counter the Democrat no votes. Don't let the Democrats tell you Republicans killed this bill. Clearly Democrats wanted to use the DREAM Act as a ploy to once again deceive the Hispanic voters of this country.

Ronald Reagan said "Latinos are Republicans, they just don't know it yet." Perhaps yesterday's Dream Act vote was yet another lesson for Hispanic voters to learn about how the Democrats manipulate the facts to lure Hispanic voters without delivering on promises.  Yesterday Senator Cornyn said that "democrats attached language to the bill that represents a blatant attempt to score last-minute votes just weeks before an election."  If Democrats want the DREAM Act to pass, then why don't they bring the bill up on its own? Let it stand on its own merits! Let's have an open and honest and bipartisan debate on the issue. Then let's allow some amendments to make it a better law.  Perhaps then, real change can happen.

The DREAM Act failed yesterday because Reid and Durbin wanted it to fail and because Senate Democrats did not stand up for it.  And the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy failed along with it, just as they knew would happen.  Lady Gaga is upset:  the Democrats failed the gay activists who wanted to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell because of their own incompetent legislative procedure and their attempt at cheap political tricks.  It is just that simple.


Pelosi Quote:  "In casting a vote against the defense bill, Republicans also betrayed our history of generations of immigrants who came to our shores seeking a better life and striving to take part in the American dream" so that's what majority speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks? Problem is she doesn't differentiate between the millions who came to America legally, after waiting patiently in their home country for years? While for the price of a two-way airline ticket, others arrive here with no intention to returning home.  Then millions of illegal aliens who thought just by escaping their own nation and slipping past our undermanned border, they sneak into our lands under the cover of darkness. The propaganda of the Dream Act would allow hundreds of thousands of young people to get an education or serve in our military. And it is a critical step toward our ultimate goal: comprehensive immigration reform or wholesale Amnesty.

But just like all contracts, one needs to read the small print. You don't even have to be an exceptional student through Sen. Harry Reids Dream Law. Up to age 35 you can get a green card under the DREAM ACT and you can still apply if you entered the country before your fifteenth birthday. Finally, you can begin a chain migration of all immediate family members. In the end we could end up with 2 or 3 million more people, with many going on social security--without paying a penny into the pool? It's already happening now, as after the Amnesty of 1986 millions more entered the country through the "Chain Migration" and many old folks ended up on welfare benefits? Of course if you believe the governments currently they are say there is no backdoor Amnesty, but there have been several ICE memos circulated that people pulled over by the police, shouldn't be held unless they have criminal warrants to detain them. Decide for yourself, if this is a falsehood or an agenda of "Catch and Release."

In 2009 Ranking Member Texas Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) today criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for a remarks that affronted federal law enforcement officers. Congressman Smith’s comments came on the House Floor in response to Pelosi’s remarks at a weekend immigration rally in San Francisco, at which Pelosi said enforcement actions by ICE were “un-American.” A longtime supporter of efforts to uphold the rule of law, Smith said the comments were particularly regrettable since more than 12 million U.S. citizens and legal immigrant workers are jobless. According to the most recent Pew estimates, more than seven million illegal immigrants are working in the U.S. As a leading Democrat Pelosi Voted—NO--on building a fence along the Mexican border.  Pelosi Voted—NO--on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment.

Pelosi voted—YES--on extending Immigrant Residency rules.  She also voted—YES-- on more immigrant visas for skilled workers. I’m all for highly skilled workers, who are highly experienced in their particular field—as they will never need social entitlements. But this definition has been corrupted as corporations have been able to import mediocre skilled labor, from mostly undeveloped countries and paying lower wages. These lesser skilled people if they get laid off become a taxpayer’s liability, without any further responsibility to the hiring company abroad.  As for the single layer border fence—it’s been one lie played on the people. Two parallel fences should have been constructed, which would safeguard the border residents from the unceasing immigration nightmare, and the financial and policing dilemma of the state of Arizona.  In fact the majority of states are in a critical fiscal mess, from supporting monetary benefits to illegal alien invasion.

So like Sen. Harry Reid and his close confederate Nancy Pelosi, must--go on the political erase list in November.  Both lawmakers are partners along with many Liberal-Democrats and a few from the other side of the aisle must be voted out.  Harry can sit and eat pizza in his million dollar mansion and Madam Pelosi can go home to Northern California and organize her “Guest Workers” on her grape plantation.  If you resent their immigration ideologies in Nevada and the Sanctuary state of California, that costs taxpayers billions for health care, education and the instant citizenship joke that redistributes even more money strained from public treasuries. Call and raise havoc with your senator or representative at 202-224-3121. Find the answers at NumbersUSA  to all your questions and scrutinize the polling places in the elections, as illegal aliens will violate the law to keep their pro-amnesty lawmakers in power.

Pelosi scores 0% by FAIR on immigration issues

Don't confuse yourself! Senator Harry Reid voted against the bill when it was obvious it wasn't going to get the 60 needed votes. In doing so, he can revive the bill later. It is a common tactic used by politicians. It does not mean he was against it!

this is the biggest bull**** article I've ever seen. Reid voted against the Act so he could bring it to vote later on. The other thing is just because you are a democrat doesn't mean you have to vote for what the party wants and not the people of your state.

I understand the two senators that voted against it as everyone has their opinions but the republican party are the ones against Hispanic people. They all voted NO, not even gave it a chance to be discussed, not even one person stood up for what they believe or what the people of texas, florida ,etc. have been asking them to do. They did not represent their state but a political party and to me that is very wrong. The republicans will NEVER get my vote as they continue to play politics with people's lives.

Obviously journalism in not in your future, Bob Price.  Try to educate yourself on the issues before posting more false information on the web.  Amazing how uncritical your blog is.  Do you really think Reid's intentions were to kill the bill that he attached to the defense legislation?  Procedural vote so he can bring it back up and pass DREAM Act in the lame duck session!  I can't even believe I am wasting my time posting in response to your blog.  B4ut I just am continually shocked at the lack of educated material conservatives are putting out there....guess I shouldn't be.  

I completely understand the procedural reason for Reid's no vote.  But where you guys are confused about it, the reason he had to vote against it is because he knew it would never pass in the first place.  Thus the "cheap political trick".  

Harry Reid had promised lots of things to lots of people.  So, what the heck?  Let's just throw it all in one bill we know will get shot down so we can blame it on those lousy Republicans.

Attaching the Dream Act, the repealing of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and a measure requiring federal funding of abortion on demand at military facilities doomed the measure from the start and Reid KNEW IT!  He played you guys like a fiddle.   A very out of tune fiddle.

The real reason he did this was to stall for time so he could ajourn the Senate without addressing the Bush Tax Cuts.  After all, we wouldn't want to do anthing good for the country that Republicans could support now would we?

Once again, Reid and Obama have lied to the Hispanic people by promising action on immigration reform and simply blowing smoke. 


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