Senator Bunning and our Overcommitted, Overspending Congress

I do have thoughts about Senator Bunning and the Pay-Go situation, but honestly, more and more for me, things are boiling down to one BIG? thing. Personally of course, Jim Bunning is no issue, a retiring Senator. And, this particular has already been overridden. What Bunning was doing was calling on Congress to live up to what it had recently passed: so-called "PayGo;" budgeting through pay cuts or tax increases, to pay for new expenditures as you go, which in fact they are failing to do on the first two expenditures after passing PayGo. So, whats new, right: irresponsibiolity and very possibly hypocrisy in Congress: yawn. And, the sun came up this morning. Got anything new?

Yes, heres whats NEW, and it applies to most everything Congress is doing. They spend too much and overcommit, leading to eventual problems. Well, heres the difference from what weve known our entire lives: the jig is up. And not years down the road, but maybe tomorrow. The fiscal, monetary, and entitlement consequences are not down the road. They are on the porch and they wont wait for us to get our pants on to answer the door. And, no last minute little tax or benefit tweak is going to kick the can any farther than down a step, to be right back in a VERY SHORT time: so short that the political pain of the action isnt worth taking.

BIG problems are going to happen; like a dropping bond rating, MASSIVE inflation, outright default, or maybe all three. Ive heard most everyone in media sound a little more sanguine. Im looking for someone who can explain how we escape some calamity, but the few I have spoken with at any length have agreed with me.

Heres how serious it seems to me. Im by no means certain and in fact am inclined to doubt, that the country will come out the other side looking the same as it has all of my life. I think people will and states may decide to abandon the country. And, I dont think they would do that for light cause. It would be problems like weve never seen before. So, on many questions that come up, it seems like discussing the arrangement of the deck chairs on The Titanic.

I want to have a good talk with someone who thinks otherwise. And I dont mean someone who is disinclined to look at the big picture beyond what is in front of them.


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