Senator John Cornyn: President Obama's Immigration Speech

President Obama promised the American people that he would make immigration reform a priority during his first year in office. Eighteen months into his presidency, he continues to deliver words, but no action.


President Obama said he and Congressional Democrats are ready to move forward, but the only legislation they’ve moved forward are partisan bills to increase spending, take over our health care system, and bail out Wall Street. They made a strategic decision to put immigration on the back burner, and they now claim they can’t even propose immigration legislation without a Republican. It’s time for the President and Congressional Democrats to stop the charade. Op-eds, outlines and speeches won’t cut it anymore.


I have told President Obama that I am committed to credible, bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform, and that I am willing to work with anyone who shares that commitment. I’m disappointed that the President has yet to step forward and lead on this important issue.


Candidate Obama promised the American people that he would "put an end to the petty partisanship that passes for politics in Washington and enact comprehensive immigration reform once and for all." I wish President Obama would take candidate Obama’s advice.


Your are positively illogical, inaccurate, and ridiculous. Can you just stop the mud slinging

With jobless numbers growing every month, how can a prudent person, such as the commander in Chief expect to get a reasonable response on both legal and illegal immigration? No administration will until that Southern border is sealed shut, with serious ramifications for employers who knowingly hire foreign labor.
After watching President Obama's dialogue to the American people on Cable, about immigration reform. The consensus is that he doesn't know what his political Czars are exploiting behind his back? Starting with the border fence and overall enforcement, that Sen. Harry Reid, Pelosi, Napolitano have silently expurgated funding to the US Border patrol and interior enforcement.  Sen. Reid of Nevada cut expenditures to the real (TWO) two parallel fences, now we have only one that remains uncompleted. 

Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-TX, and co-sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn, (R-TX) utterly unheeded the people's will, in that they wanted immediately the border sealed. The 2006 Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations bill eviscerated the 2006 Secure Fence Act and that would have built the first true 854 miles of the U.S-Mexico border as a serious deterrent. It would have been foreseeable that two fences along the border would have held back the hordes that keep coming? The reality is two fences separated by a 1000 yards of no-mans-land, would be a great deterrent. As for any kind of disguised terminology, known by everybody as AMNESTY--it will not happen! If such a bill passed--millions more would just—KEEP ARRIVING--believing that sometime in the future another Amnesty would appear.  Liberals hidden inside the Democratic administration has shown only limited immigration enforcement, in fact Sen. Reid almost eliminated E-Verify in the Senate.

The computer program that has now been modified, to identify illegal workers in the workplace was in serious jeopardy at one time. Even 287 (g) county-municipal police verification and detainment system has been faded--out HS Secretary Janet Napolitano. IF THE PRESIDENT OBAMA'S ADMINISTRATION WAS SERIOUS ABOUT ENFORCING IMMIGRATION LAWS, SEN. HARRY REID WOULD HAVE BEEN ADVISED TO LEAVE THESE  SIGNIFICANT IMMIGRATION LAWS ALONE? This not an exhaustive war between just the State of Arizona, but this pandemic has spread to the smallest community in America, which can least afford to support the illegal alien invasion that is running rampant.

 To show good faith the government should have hammered down Sen. Harry Reid for his determination to table E-Verify in the Senate. It is the same with cutting back ICE from raids within America or severing federal funding on the 287 (g) programs. Reid was unable to crush E-Verify, but he did manage to make the Databased conceived program none mandatory? Both the majority party and Republicans are highlighted now and specially Sen. Harry Reid, because of his power over the Senate. All incumbents must be removed from office in November, including anybody partnering with this Nevada Senator. It is my belief that any politician with the heavy influence from the open border coalition with large margins of ethnic groups legal and illegal, are insistent for a path to citizenship. Be astounded by costs, statistics and—REAL—numbers of illegal nationals in this nation at ImmigrationCounters.  Learn what you can do by joining NumbersUSA. 

However I do agree with working visas for legal professional workers, in the highest demand such as Engineers, Scientists and highly skilled labor. It is unlikely that these exceptionally educated will ever become a public charge in the welfare office.  The exception is none or low skilled labors that are illegally entering this sovereign nation through borders or staying after their visas have expired. Those  who work on farms and in Agriculture, should not be allowed to stray  away from the job that was allocated. Immediate deportation  after registry should  be  the outcome as with anybody who breaks the law.

I applaud Senator Cornyn's positive statement on and for bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform that will address all the issues to prevent future illegal immigration and deal effectively with the large population that entered illegally or over stayed their visa status

You are seeing mud slinging in a valid comment, the same of most of your mind see mud slinging in the mind of those who hate illegal immigration, supporting, educating, feeding and providing medical care to them while our country is going bankrupt. Over 400 billion per year is leaving Washington to support illegal immigration. 4 billion is spent each year in Texas on illegals. They fill our jails at substantial cost, steal our identity ( over 600, 000 cases in Phoenix last year alone.). Americans are broke, tired and fed up. Do your research. Travel to the corrupt slimy border where thousands have been killed in the last year. Get off it, and over it.  Stand up for once for Texans, For US Citizens, and for this country.

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