Senator John Cornyn: Statement on the Anniversary of ObamaCare

It seems like just yesterday President Obama and Congressional Democrats promised the American people that ObamaCare would increase coverage and lower costs. Now, just one year after ramming it through we are discovering the truth. Costs are skyrocketing, the federal government is ballooning, our national debt is through the roof, 15 million Americans are still looking for work, and middle class families and small businesses are paying higher taxes.


I opposed ObamaCare because it taxed too much, spent too much, and borrowed too much. I voted to repeal it and will continue to fight against it for these same reasons and I will work to replace it with a plan that truly increases access to quality, affordable health care.


There is only one solution to exploding health care costs.  It is not going to come from a politician, bureaucrat, accountant, doctor, or hospital.  The market place is the mechanism, and medical tourism is the solution. 

Many Americans without insurance are flocking to places like India & Asia to have major medical procedures done at a substantially reduced price.  People are reporting a whopping 80% savings by taking their business outside the US.  Moreover, they are coming back with stellar reviews.  Some companies are starting to give their employees 2 weeks paid vacation & round trip airfare so that they can take advantage of these savings. 

Subjecting the health care industry to global competition is the only answer.  Most of the rest of us working in the private sector have to compete globally.  Why doesn't the health care industry?  The market place is speaking.  Is Washington listening?

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