Senator Ron Johnson CPAC 2011 - "We are engaged in a fight for our freedom!"

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin takes the podium. Ron Johnson defeated Russ Feingold in Wisconsin for Senate.

I spoke at a tea party event and I spoke about the effect of government regulation on jobs. But at the time, we were in the middle of the push for Obamacare. The liberals were demonizing doctors to get that done. But Johnson points out the positive experiences that he and others have had with doctors.

I view the passage of this bill [Obamacare] as the single biggest assault on freedom in this country. It is designed to completely overtake healthcare in this country, 1/6 of the economy. It will lead to rationing and reduce innovation. America and the finest healthcare system in the world is at risk.

From the moment I decided to run for US Senate, I knew what I wanted my campaign to be about: freedom. Unfortunately, freedom will always be a struggle. The amount of freedom in a country correlates to the success of that country.

What we have seen in recent years is a lurch toward dependency. This is not an America I recognize. I feel we are losing America. I don't think I'm being overly dramatic. We've been trading bits and pieces of our freedom for entitlements and benefits. The result has been devastating to our heritage and our culture. Our welfare system has created out of wedlock birthrates to sky rocket and social pathologies to sky rocket. As an accountant, I like to zoom in on the eye-popping numbers:

We need $112 trillion to fund unfunded liabilities.

The total US asset base is $73 trillion.

The amount that politicians have obligated us to spend exceeds our total assets by $39 trillion.

The size and scope of government is out of control. The EPA in particular is out of control. Now they want farmers to control dust flying off their farms -- they call it fugitive dust! They want to control milk spills like chemical spills!

We need to return to a more limited form of government like our founders envisioned. We need spending restraint, and growing our economy. Waive a magic wand - wipe the entire Obama agenda off the table. My objective in running was not only to stop the Obama agenda but to reverse it. There is a great deal of money sitting on the sidelines because there is no confidence in what is happening under Obama.

The question is, do we have the political will and leadership to reverse course? There are still politicians in Washington who are in denial.

I'm willing to work with anyone who is willing to address this crisis. I came to Washington to be an ally of those individuals who have the courage to work on solutions.

We are engaged in a fight for our freedom. It is our fight. It is a fight we must win.


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