Should the Texas GOP imitate Arizona-style immigration laws?

No! In 2010, Arizona was condemned by the Obama Administration for its efforts to enforce immigration laws on its own. I strongly believe Arizona has the right to try to solve its problems, especially when the federal government has failed to act, but I also believe Arizonas approach is misguided. Texas can do better! The last thing the Texas GOP needs to embrace in this session of the Texas legislature is AZ-style anti-immigrant legislation. Why? The first reason is self-preservation. Texas Latinos can and will be the future lifeblood of the Republican party. But, dont take my word for it! Watch this video!


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Some Republicans fail to understand that comprehensive immigration reform is an existential issue to many Latinos. There are many "mixed" immigrant families, where for instance one parent is illegal or where both parents are illegal, but the children are American citizens. Moreover, most Latinos have a friend, a loved one or an employee who is undocumented. 

If the Republicans continue to block legalization of the otherwise law-abiding undocumented immigrants in 2011 and  comprehensive immigration reform remains unresolved in 2012, Obama will be the default option for two-thirds of the Latinos at the next election and the Republican presidential candidate will go down in defeat.

I think we need to take a good hard look at REFORM here. I agree that many undocumented workers are here trying to make a good life for themselves and their families and I respect that, but they need to do it the legal way. My sister inlaw is from Mexico and she is a wonderful woman but even she does not like illegal immigrants and does not agree with naturilzation by birth. She believes that hard pays off and she worked very hard to learn english before coming to America and after getting here the legal way, went to school and attained a degree is now a tax paying hard working responsible American. I have many friends both legal and illegal and I am honest with all of them as the rest of Texans should be. We have no problem with migrant workers nor with someone wanting to be an American but pay your taxes and earn your rights by becoming a US citizen.

Good post, Lane.

The current "LAWS" already on the books don't need "REFORM" !!! 
The current "LAWS" already on the books need to be FOLLOWED !!!  If  someone is in this country ILLEGALLY, then they have broken OUR current "LAWS" already on the books !!!  WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ???!!!  Want "REFORM" ???  GO BACK HOME AND "REFORM" YOUR OWN COUNTRY !!!

How is failing to enforce our laws a "conservative" value? What it is is politicians choosing Big Business-and their cash contributions, who desires nothing but cheap labor, over the citizens who have elected them.

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