Six London Street Cleaners Arrested For Suspected Terrorism Attack Against the Pope

Six Muslim street cleaners from Algeria and Sudan were detained today in Central London for an alleged plot to attack the Pope. reports:

The Sunday Telegraph understands that although no explosive materials have been discovered by detectives there is an "abundance" of intelligence in the case, and at least one of the six men arrested was previously known to the police.

"They definitely did not like the Pope, but whether they wanted to cause harm to him is not yet clear," said one security source. "There was a huge, imminent intelligence threat, and one cannot take any risk with the security of the pontiff or the general public. The event taking place is the largest state visit for a long, long time and there was simply no question of ignoring the intelligence."
It is understood that police are examining the credentials of the six men who are aged 26, 27, 29, 36, 40 and 50, amid suspicion they may be using false identities.
Their immigration status was also described as "uncertain" by one Whitehall source.

Mail Online reports:

Following a 2006 speech interpreted as an attack on Muslims, militant Islamists launched a series of threats against the Pope.
He had quoted a 14th-century Christian emperor of Constantinople who said the Prophet Mohammed had introduced things that were ‘evil and inhuman’.
Afterwards, Osama Bin Laden accused the Pontiff of ‘leading a crusade against Islam’.

It is believed that someone overheard a conversation suggesting a possible terror attack against the Pope and tipped off detectives.


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