Snowing in Houston?

Tomorrow's weather forecast may be a snowy one! The National Weather Service says much of the Houston area may get anywhere from a trace to an inch of snow Friday afternoon.

But Houston only sees snow, on average, about every four years. And never this early in the season: Friday's, if it comes, would be the earliest snowfall ever in Houston, beating the record tied last year by six days.'s Joe Bastardi seems convinced, stating that most Houstonians should at least see snowflakes in the air.

What would Al Gore and his fellow global warming cronies have to say about this potential record-breaking snowfall?


Technically it wouldn't be the " earliest snowfall ever in Houston" but the "earliest snowfall in Houston since the end of the Pleistocene". :)  One assumes that it snowed in the Houston area quite a bit earlier back then.

When you talk climate you  are talking geologic time folks :)

That "weather" ( is not the same as "climate" ( Record snows do not prove that there is no global warming any more than record heat waves prove that global warming is occurring. It's all about long-term trends.
Not that I'm defending Al Gore.

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