Ultrasound is Better than Ultrasuck: Dr. Makes Case Against Abortion When Trying to Make Case Against Ultrasound Law

An Anonymous Doctor posted an article on a blog called Whatever: Still Running Against the Wind.

The title of the article was "Guest Post: A Doctor On Transvaginal Ultrasounds".

This anonymous doctor called for civil disobedience to protest doing ultrasounds before abortions as required by law in order to inform the woman that there is a baby inside of her so she knows what she is doing before deciding to have an abortion. This doctor was in an uproar about having to perform an ultrasound even though an ultrasound is needed to perform an abortion anyway. Also, when the woman does get an abortion something worse than transvaginal ultrasound happens anyways. Transvaginal ultrasuck happens during an abortion and a human baby is sucked out piece by piece. But hey, these ultrasounds are just the worst thing ever so we need to just refuse to do them and continue on with the abortions....

What this doctor did not realize was that he/she made a case AGAINST ABORTION when he/she was trying to make a case against ultrasounds.

Here is a quote for this article:



It is our responsibility, as always, to protect our patients from things that would harm them. Therefore, as physicians, it is our duty to refuse to perform a medical procedure that is not medically indicated. Any medical procedure. Whatever the pseudo-justification.

It’s time for a little old-fashioned civil disobedience.


Well Doctor, if it is your duty to refuse doing an ultrasound because it is not medically needed, then according to your own words, it is your duty as a doctor to refuse performing most abortions because most abortions are elective abortions and are in no way medically indicated or needed.

Gottcha on that one Doctor!

So doctor, when will you be writing an article calling for civil disobedience by refusing elective abortions in order to save a woman and an unborn baby from harm of a medically unnecessary and murderous abortion procedure?


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