Speaker Boehner's Inauguration Modest Compared to Pelosi's Extravagance

The Washington Post reports that John Boehner's ascendancy to the position of Speaker of the United States House of Representatives will be a marked departure from that of his predecessor, Nancy Pelosi.


According to the article, while Pelosi marked the occasion by attending a ceremony to rename a Baltimore street in her honor, Boehner is "bringing his 11 siblings from working-class Ohio to Washington for a private reunion."


While Pelosi attended a lavish party at the Italian Embassy and was entertained by Tony Bennett, Boehner plans to skip a party at the upscale W Hotel in Washington.


In his first speech to the newly sworn in House of Representatives Boehner is expected to call on law makers to heed the will of the American people and craft a smaller, more accountable government. Let's hope that, nearly 2 years after Obama took the Oath of Office, CHANGE has finally come to Washington.


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