Speaker Newt Gingrich Presents Energy Independence Proposal to CPAC - Calls to Replace EPA

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich making a grand entrance to a standing ovation of presidential proportions. Looks like a president entering Congress for a State of the Union Address.

So, what is the state of Conservativism in America? Gingrich harkened back to second CPAC in 1975 when Reagan called for a bold colors proposal that led to the fall of the Soviet Union and strong economic growth.

Germans are buying the NYSE. German stock exchange is bigger than NYSE and will hold 60% control. German government leads economic growth. Compare to Obama administration anti-jobs, anti-business etc.  New political slogan:  2+2=4.

DHS Secretary says there are more terrorists in the USA today. And yet, the government won't even tell us who wants to harm us.  Democrats are completely out of touch about who our enemy is. Obama is wrong on Terrorism, Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and everything else related to terrorism.

"I knew Ronald Reagan, I began working with Ronald Reagan in 1974. Barack Obama is NO Ronald Reagan!" paraphrasing Lloyd Bentsen comment to Dan Quayle.

Yet, the media expects us to take a new tone. 2010 was the appetizer . 2012 is the entree. "I want us to offer Pres. Obama to be the Keynote Speaker at CPAC 2012...  IF HE EARNS IT." Will he move to the center?. Gingrich explained the steps that led to the balanced budget of his Congress.

Control spending, decrease taxes and encourage job growth. Get people off federal funds and back to work. At a time when we have 45% black teen unemployement, that is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

"The Obama administration is anti-jobs, anti-small business, anti-manufacturing, pro-trial lawyers, pro-bureaucrat, pro-deficit spending and pro-high taxes"

We did not create a deficit commission. We need a JOBS COMMISSION. Seven steps Obama can take:

1. Sign repeal of Obamacare.

2. Sign tort reform for doctors. Follow Texas lead on tort reform.

3. Sign permanent repeal of death tax.

4. Sign new Hyde amendment so no taxpayer money funds abortion in the US.

5. Sign a new Paul Ryan conservative spending act to lead to balanced budget.

6. Sign a law to decisively control the border now

7. Sign a tenth amendemt implementation act to return the power back to the states and the people.


Two Job Strategies

An American Energy Plan

79% of the American people believe we need an American Energy Policy. Obama is currently in a war against American Energy. Ronald Reagan as governor of California called for an American Energy policy in 1974. We are funding the terrorists who want to attack us with our energy policy.

It is time we stop it. We must find American Oil and American Gas. Re-open gulf coast drilling. Let states that want it do it now.

We should end the war against American companies by the EPA. EPA still stopping oil exploration in legal areas of Alaska. When we stop American we aid our foreign enemies.

We should stop the EPA's efforts to stop the production of natural gas from shale.

EPA is protecting us from a future that may not happen. We must have new clean coal projects. DOE keeps standing in the way with "studies". Maximize coal and gas production for American energy independence. Let West VA create jobs.

Enable production of nuclear power plants. We should dramitically decrease regulatory processes. We should also insist on flexfuel cars. Flexfuel is a national security issue. Brazil leads the way to this. They are now totally energy independent.

Let consumers choose what they want to do.

We should invest in new technology IF the investments come from the private sector. For the next 20 years what matters is oil, coal, gas and nuclear power.

Replace the EPA

Replace the EPA with Envirnmental Solutions Agency. We should rely on science, technology and industry rather than government bureaucrats. The old EPA cannot learn.

Localism where possible. State government should be partners with Fed. No dictitorial policy. See communities as partners and not advesaries.

I reject the idea that you have to choose one or the other. We can have a healthy economy and and a healthy environment. You can love nature and be a conservative.

Call your Congressman. Ask them to introduce a real American Energy Plan THIS YEAR. Create the Environmental Solutions Agency THIS YEAR. Make Obama make a choice.


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