Statement On President’s Proposal To End NASA’s Human Space Flight Program

The President’s proposal to end NASA’s human space flight program is misguided and extremely disappointing. A nation’s global status and dominance has always depended on its leadership in the human exploration of new frontiers. The President’s budget proposal voluntarily cedes our leadership in this endeavor and jeopardizes our nation’s preeminence in space to countries like Russia, China and India who have aggressive human space flight programs and have indicated their intention to forge ahead in these efforts.

Fortunately, the President’s proposal is just that – an idea whose fate will ultimately be decided by Congress, which controls the government’s purse strings. I will work with my colleagues in Congress to ensure the budget funds Constellation, and I look forward to Congress’ taking up NASA’s reauthorization to ensure the agency, and the tens of thousands of men and women who compose our space program, finally receive a clear and bold vision for the future.


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