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Stephen Broden explains that while corporations are relocating to Texas because of its business-friendly atmosphere, they are not attracted to the 30th U.S. Congressional District (Texas).  Instead, they move to other areas in the Dallas Metroplex such as Allen, Richardson, Frisco, and Plano because they have not seen the CD-30 district as a friendly environment for business. However, with academic institutions like SMU, UNT, Mountain View College, Cedar Valley, three airports, plenty of land and great communities like Lancaster, Duncanville and many others, the 30th District can attract businesses, jobs and economic growth.  It requires doing things differently and new leadership to do so.

It requires strong and intentional leadership to develop a business-friendly environment and Stephen Broden can offer fresh new leadership as Congressman for the district.  The district has lacked such leadership under Eddie Bernice Johnson.  Stephen Broden offers strong, intentional and principled leadership with integrity.  Stephen Broden explains why he should be elected to Congress on November 2 and what he will do to attract businesses and jobs to this Dallas area U.S. Congressional District 30.


Im running because I believe we can do some things differently in the 30th district.
This is our moment, for the 30th district, to take a look at our leadership, to take a look at our district, in comparison to the districts that are around the metroplex. I would challenge you to take a look at whats happening in the state of Texas. Texas has fast become the favorite place to relocate corporations from around the country, from California to New York, they are all clamoring to get into Texas... because we have an economic-friendly policy and a business-friendly state. And so they are coming to Texas, but the one place that they are not coming is to the 30th district!
I had a chance to talk with a few corporate leaders, with Cisco, Cisco Corporation which is a data system and they work in the Internet systems, and theyre building one of the largest data systems in the Dallas metroplex area. And they are building up in Allen, Texas. I asked them why would you build in Allen, Texas when you have all of this geography here in the 30th district, in the southern sector, and you could see them just drop their eyes, and there is a perception of our district that they dont want to come here because were not friendly toward business. We need to change that. We need to change it because if were going to survive in this economy, where were going to develop the 30th district that it could be competitive to other districts around here, weve got to attract businesses in here and that means weve got to change our leadership.
Part of whats happening, men and women, is that when people think of the leadership in the 30th district they see contention, they see one of our leaders suing the other in court, the other one calling a name, calling him names in a newspaper, weve got corruption with the constables. That does not create an environment where businessmen can say “I want to go and open a business in that district.” They are insecure because they dont believe that the leadership has their best interests in mind. Weve got to change that, and the only way we can change that is to exercise our franchise to vote, and to vote for those men and women who have the same values that we have. Principled leadership with integrity... not in it for themselves, not in it for self-aggrandizement, not in it to see how much money they can get out of it, but rather for the best interests of the district. Part of the job description to be an elected official is to represent the interests and the needs of the district, of the people to whom you serve... and that means jobs men and women. That means businesses coming to our district, so that we can have businesses opening here, and when you have businesses opening in our district, it produces a family friendly environment. Family-friendly environment means that families will move to our district, will buy homes in our district, will raise their families in it, because they can find a job here!
Now what is happening, for many of us, the truth be told, were having to drive to Frisco, to Plano, were having to drive to Richardson and all the way to far North Dallas to find a job. That ought not be the case. My son ought to be able to graduate from college, come back to the 30th district, start his family here and find a job in the 30th district. Thats not the case, and I think thats not the case because we have not been good stewards of electing the kind of officials who have a vision and a strategy to implement a strategy to bring businesses into our district. Why is it that the southern district, the southern part of Dallas has not developed – when you look at it geographically, it has more land to develop than any other district across the metroplex, but theyre still not coming here. I submit to you its not because we dont have enough geography, or that theres not enough possibilities here... the problem is leadership! The problem is leadership: the ability to use leadership skills and to craft a strategy that is both tactical and has long-term and short-term implications. What we can in order to attract businesses here into this district is to be intentional. By that I mean utilizing our bully pulpit from Washington DC as a representative, working with the business interests in the 30th district, working with our community leaders, working with the academic community, and crafting a strategy together and then going intentionally to New York, to California, and across this country and standing in corporate Americas offices and saying we want you to move your business to the 30th district. And were going to do everything we can to help you to make that transition and make it a successful transition because we want you here creating jobs for our sons and for our daughters. Thats not happening right now. Thats not happening right now. That needs to happen. We have too many assets in the 30th district. Weve got SMU thats butting up against it, we have UNT, we have Cedar Hill, we have Mountain View College, we have a number of academic institutions that can support businesses if they come to our district, by training a work force that has the skillset required for them to access a 20th century economy. Its here!
The issue is not that we dont have the assets or ability. We dont have the leadership. And men and women, if you dont have the leadership, I hold you responsible for that... and me, because we have a right, and a responsibility, to make sure that we have the kind of leadership that has the innovation, the creativity and the willingness and the intention to go forward and to represent the best interests of our district. That hasnt happened. That hasnt happened. So weve got to take a careful look at whats going on in our district. Take a look at our leaders. Take a look at it. See what theyre doing. Are they working for us in terms of crafting a kind of strategy that will attract businesses in... that will begin to look at education a little differently?

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