Steve Wynn's Interview - A Surprise to the White House!

Dear Colleagues, Greetings! Please take the time to watch this video.

Who is Steve Wynn, and why is he saying this?
What’s equally amazing is that CNBC actually aired this—CNBC, one of the White House’s favorite propaganda machines!

It was not even 2 hours after Steve Wynn's interview that he received an invitation from the tenants at 1600 Pennsylvania Blvd, Washington, DC 20500 wanting him to explain in person why he said what he said!
Below is a short interview with Steve Wynn. Some of you know of him. He's a multi billionaire, hotelier and real estate investor in Las Vegas, Asia and Macau. He's been a guest from time to time on all the network financial news programs.
If you listen to this recent interview (short & to the point) and nothing else today, you will be better informed than your neighbor about the state of the union.
I would suggest sharing this with your children so they know what to expect once they're faced with the results.


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When billionaires attack every effort to make life easier for the exploited middle class, their aspirations are clear and require no elaboration -- except among the brainwashed.

I notice you are making an issue of his money but you have no retort to his points.  Do you have a comment about what he said or do propose we ignore it because he is rich, successful hires thousands of people and knows how to make money and therefore his comments are some how irrelevant in an age of Government entitlement programs where we honor those who contribute the least and take the most? Your comment looks to a be "shoot the messenger not the message comment".

I suggest you actually listen to what he said. We can't all be rich, but can all be poor, is that your solution?

Jozef, I like living in a country where the opportunity exists to become like a Steve Wynn. Thats called freedom. Justice here should try to keep the playing field level in that sense. Not just give to those that do not earn it. I know billions of people around the world would LOVE to become part of the "exploited" middle class in America. They would be thrilled to be POOR in America! What is your definition of exploited? If you are in the middle class here you likely are employed and some of those people (like ALOT of them in Vegas) are employed by billionaires. Does it upset you that you have to actually work for a billionaire when you seem to prefer that they liquidate all their holdings and merely dole it out to you and the other victims? If you feel victimized in the middle class then DO something about it. Oh, sorry that would involve risk.

The brainwashed huh?  I would say billionaires do make life easier for the middle class by giving them jobs you tard.  I'll make it simple for you to understand.  My wife and I make just enough money to employ a lawn care professional, and a house cleaner. If the government stepped in and taxed us any further in any way, we would have to fire those two individuals.  How can you not see how that is the exact same thing with wealthy people, but on a much larger scale?

There is only one entity exploiting the middle class and it is not a relatively tiny group of super successful businessmen and women.  The efforts of the current government have not resulted in anyones life becoming easier from what I can see and show no signs of ever doing so.  Never have I seen such self serving deception and hipocracy from an administration. 

It's astonishing how Liberals never let the truth get in the way of thier argument.  For starters,  people like Wynn are what makes this country the greatest in the world!  He took a risk, started a business, morgaged his life, house etc etc and you covet all that he has and has done....What's yours is yours and what's his is yours!  Pathetic!  Come up with a single original thought and build it into something instead of whinning about the guy that did it!  Commit to creating something intead of waiting for a hand out or kick back from those that have the courage to be successful! 

Further,  the rich conservative guy is evil and the Liberal Elite is good,,,,WRONG!  If you have something that will make a guy like Steve Wynn more successful he will hitch is wagon to you in a second!! Then one day you can be him and your kids can become something and so on.   Meanwhile the Liberal Elite wants to keep you exactly where you are begging for entitlement scraps that the successful must pay for all the while blaming evil entrepeneurs, job providers and the risk takers that were lucky enough to make something of themselves with their own 2 hands while you only use your hands to collect handout and sure enough you will teach your kids to do the same.  TAKERS VS MAKERS!!!!  Wake up,  stop being a Level One thinker!  I will explain....Most 5 year olds are level one thinkers like yourself....I want what I want NOW, It's Mine, Mine, Mine!!!  Level 2 thinking is .....I want that, now what do I need to do to get that FOR MYSELF??  Steve Wynn is a level 2 thinker and you my friend are the 5 year old!!  We are all blessed to have opportunity in this country to be anything we want, don't spite someone just because you decided to waste yours!  Here endeth the lesson! 

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