Stimulus Money Saves Jobs in Phantom Congressional Districts

The Boston Globe recently uncovered exaggerated stimulus claims, and the reports of similar cases continue to flood this past weeks headlines. According to a Washington Examiner article, which lists each job that was falsely reported as being saved by the stimulus package:

The Obama administration has claimed that the $787 billion economic stimulus package "saved or created" some 650,000 jobs. But almost as soon as the White House trotted out this figure, news organizations found huge exaggerations in the reported data. Many of the jobs reportedly created do not exist or cannot be accounted for.

The site, where the stimulus money is tracked, reports jobs saved or created with stimulus money in congressional districts that dont even exist! $34 million used in Arizonas 86th District? Come on, even Texas doesnt have that many districts! $115 million used in North Dakotas 00th District? You would think they would have at least come up with a more believable number than 00! In fact, funds totalling $6.4 billion dollars were distributed to 440 phantom congressional districts!

And the Obama Administration was really thinking of drafting another stimulus package??


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