Administration Must Take IRS Scandal Seriously

Despite an investigation that may continue for months, I am disappointed in the announcement that criminal charges have already been ruled out as a response to the IRS targeting probe.

From the beginning, it appears that this Administration has refused to take these charges seriously. Last month, President Obama wrote off abuse from the IRS as the result of bureaucratic streamlining, and claimed to be surprised by the American people’s response, saying, "they've got a list, suddenly, everybody's outraged."

I was outraged, Mr. President. I was outraged on behalf of the Texans who wrote to me about targeting they experienced. I believe the FBI owes them a thorough and complete investigation before making decisions about the appropriate response.

If they have determined that no charges are necessary, I hope the FBI will swiftly complete the investigation and present their findings. Otherwise I would request that they withhold judgment and treat this investigation with the serious attention the American people deserve.


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