The Anger and the Hate in Moral America

“America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” - Alexis de Tocqueville

The air is thick with discontent, rage and vengeance. It doesn’t take much to recognize that the American people have had enough, that they want to wake up from the never ending Obama nightmare. Many Americans still recall the freedom of yesterday a time when we could express ourselves, when we prayed in unity without fear of reprisal. That time is passed. We live in an ‘evolving’ world, where freedom of speech and freedom of religion are oppressed.

It seems that we also live in a time that pressures us to take sides. There is no room for compromise, negotiation, common sense or individual critical thinking. If we don’t take the ‘right’ side, then we are attacked and ostracized. It makes no difference if the side we are bullied into taking is the ‘wrong’ side. This is of no consequence. What matters is that the bullies win.

That is exactly what is happening today. Win at all costs. It is easy to pinpoint the reason for anger…high unemployment, high cost of products, food and gasoline, government overreach, the atrocities committed by our government, and the total disregard by the politicians to correct any given situation. We also have a long list of fears…fear of losing a job, our house, fear that our children or grandchildren will not obtain the American Dream, fear of another 911, fear of government takeover and we are even afraid of fear itself. Feeling afraid, threatened and losing control we begin to hate.

Certainly in a moral America these symptoms would quickly be recognized and adjustments made in order that we remain calm, cool and collected. But look around, and there is chaos everywhere. There is no order, our laws are being violated, our Constitution has become a bag of words, and our country is in a moral downward spiral. The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling has totally put the liberals in a tail spin and they are furiously fighting back.

FFRF's full-page ad in New York Times to protest Hobby Lobby ruling:

Republicans also fight…more commonly each other. It’s as if they still don’t understand that the enemy is the other side. By the same token as free Americans we should be able to engage in political discussion searching for the truth. If we dilute ourselves by denying the truth, who will bear witness?

In a moral America, same sex marriage and abortion would be unheard of. Today homosexuality makes front page news and our Defense of Marriage Act, DOMA is deemed unconstitutional. It seems that the seven deadly sins have taken center stage. People are filled with anger and envy and our politicians are full of greed and pride. The silent majority continue to be lazy. The TV screen and movies ooze sexual behavior and so many cannot get enough of anything to satisfy them.

When will we have the courage to stand for what is right, what is good? It’s easy to take the low road, to take the stress-free path because there are plenty of sheeple walking the low road. But who dares speak for the lowly? Who dares speak the truth? Very few politicians come to mind and in the society we live in it is getting harder and harder to find people who will stand against what is wrong.

We are losing the battle against the MSM because more and more are drawn into their agenda. Rage short circuits careful thought. The MSM in an effort to win readership has taken the opportunity handed to them with the current Border Crisis. We all understand that the border must be secured and that the flow of illegal immigrants must also be halted. But these are just arguments without action. Words like gangs, terrorists, and disease have littered our papers and TV and radio shows. One word made it out in front…disease. Just mention this word and you get the ‘sky is falling’ effect.

We are still masters of our choices. Glenn Beck took the high road to help the unaccompanied alien children and is being attacked while Heidi Thiess took the low road and is being praised. Her questionable proposal issued a ban on the UACs in League City. We all know this ban is unenforceable and really what was the ‘real’ motive behind her proposal. Her reasoning was of course ‘disease’. These children through no fault of their own need our help not our distain. Our fight is with the Obama Administration not innocent children. It is the Obama Administration that is ‘deciding’ for America what is legal and what is not, what laws to follow and what laws to abandon.

Glenn Beck Pledges to Help Illegal Immigrant Children at Border; They Are Here 'Through No Fault of Their Own,' He Says

"Everybody is telling me I'm seeing subscriptions down; I'm seeing Mercury One donations down," Beck noted, emotionally. "I'm getting violent emails from people who say I've 'betrayed the Republic.' Whatever. I've never taken a position more deadly to my career than this — and I have never, ever taken a position that is more right than this."

League City vote bans undocumented children

League City Council Member Heidi Thiess drafted the measure, which declines to accept federal requests to operate detention or processing centers for "illegal aliens" in the city. The "potential threat of communicable diseases" and the potential impact of an influx of school-age minors on local school districts were among the reasons cited for the resolution.

We cannot let the MSM win. The MSM would have us believe that we are not a Christian Nation and that we are the unpatriotic and evil people they work so hard to portray. In our hearts, we know we are good people. America is beautiful, and its people are courageous. We can turn the tide if we Stand Up to Tyranny and realize that we must remain a moral country in order to survive. We need God in our lives to keep us humble and to give us the strength to stand against evil.



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