Democrats Shouting for a Shutdown, With No Plan, Democrats Turn to Scare Tactics

National Republican Congressional Committee - Democrats in recent days have raised the specter of shutting down the federal government in order to get their way on increasing federal spending:

HIGH-RANKING NANCY PELOSI AIDE: “Democrats in Congress are preparing for a government shutdown, a congressional aide told RealClearPolitics Friday morning.

“An aide to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told a meeting of Democratic chiefs of staff in the House that there is a 90 percent chance the government will shut down, and they need to plan accordingly.” (Erin McPike, “Dems Preparing for Government Shutdown,” Real Clear Politics, 2/18/2011)

SEN. MAJORITY LEADER HARRY REID (D-NV): “‘Of course it’s a possibility,’ Reid said Tuesday of a possible shutdown.” (Chris Moody, “Reid Says a Shutdown Is “A Possibility” After Blasting a Republican For Saying The Same Thing Last Week,” The Daily Caller, 2/15/2011)

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): “Senate Democratic Conference Vice Chairman Charles Schumer (N.Y.) criticized GOP leaders for refusing to rule out a shutdown…

“Schumer said that Republicans would be responsible for a shutdown if they are not willing to come to the table and negotiate.” (Steven T. Dennis, “Senate Democrats: GOP Spending Plan ‘Unworkable,’” Roll Call, 2/3/2011)

REP. KURT SCHRADER (D-OR): “Schrader claimed ‘that a government shutdown looms and that responsibility belongs to freshman Republicans who are pressing for deep spending cuts without first ‘knowing where the bathroom is in the Capitol.’" (Paul C. Barton, “Schrader foresees government shutdown,” Gannett News Service, 2/12/2011)

In fact, it is the Democrats’ leadership, not GOP leadership, that is suggesting a government shutdown. When will Democrats stop playing political games and get serious about solving America’s spending crisis?

“Senate Democratic leaders held a news conference Thursday to warn about the dangers of a Republican-forced government shutdown. But as one reporter aptly noted to the leaders, it is the Democrats talking most about shutting down the government.” (Dana Bash, Ted Barrett and Rachel Streitfeld, “Democrats Eager To Talk Of Government Shutdown,” CNN’s “Political Ticker” Blog, 2/3/11)

“Boehner, Cantor, and Kevin McCarthy of California, the Chief Deputy Whip, all rejected using even the threat of a shutdown as a negotiating tactic.” (Major Garrett, “Within His Grasp,” National Journal, 10/28/10)

“[SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER:] Listen, our goal is not to shut the government down. Our goal is to reduce spending. Period.” (WLW’s “Bill Cunningham Show,” 2/8/11)

“But he’s also thrown cold water on the idea of freezing government operations, which happened in 1995 after a Republican Congress couldn’t agree with President Bill Clinton on a budget.” (Simmi Aujla, “Eric Cantor Says No Government Shutdown,” Politico, 10/29/10)

“[SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL:] The only people talking about shutting down the government are a handful of Senate Democrats at a press conference today.” (Jim O'Sullivan, “Shutdown Rhetoric Carries Risk, Reward,” National Journal Daily, 2/7/11)

Republicans have a plan to keep the government open while offering the largest spending cuts since World War II:

“As their leaders announced tens of billions of dollars in budget cuts, most House Republicans united Friday behind a plan that would dramatically reshape the federal government, setting the stage for a showdown with Senate Democrats next month….

“The package of spending cuts is the largest since just after World War II…” (Paul Kane and Felicia Sonmez, “House GOP Trims Tens of Billions More from Obama Budget Plan,” The Washington Post, 2/12/2011)

The Democrats’ plan to cut spending and keep the government open:



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