The Old Order is Breaking Down

I came across a blog that tells the story about the world today; the old order is breaking down world wide. In the United States, the political class is collapsing before our eyes as the old order is fighting to hold on to power. Wisconsin is the second act of the rise of the Tea Party in 2009 and the Democrat shellacking in the 2010 congressional elections was the first act. The Tea Party represented the first rebellion against the old order as common citizens decided they were mad as hell at the old order failure and were no longer going to take it.

In Wisconsin, the old order is anti-democratic as Democratic Senators refuse to show up for work and their allies essentially shut down much of the state government as teachers called in sick and much of the capitol became inhabited by state union workers. The ruling class has made it clear; they are willing to shut down government if they don’t win, Democracy be damned.

The increased production of biofuel diverting resources away from food production and the Feds pumping out dollars is leading to an increase in food prices while oil production is being restrained by government policy. Social Security and Medicare are unsustainable but the rest of the world is in even worse shape. Finally, one Party, the Democrats are collapsing into radical neo socialists, incapable of change and governing, but yet capable of blocking the needed reform.

China's workforce is getting older and with their one child only policy has produced a country with more males than females, while increasing the age of the workforce quickly. One pundit once quipped, China may get old before it gets rich. China is under one party rule and its ruling class is more medieval than modern. China may never fulfill its potential, but its hubris may force a world war in the Pacific with the United States as China is acting less like a country with a three thousand year history of civilization and more like a teenager out on a joy ride while drinking a couple of beers. The population is getting restless and instability could be near.

In the Middle East, many Muslims are failing to come to grip with the modern world as the whole region has exploded with no one certain what it will bring besides higher oil prices and continued instability. The problem is that many in Islam are looking for a society that was suited for the 11 and 12th centuries as opposed to the 21st century.

Europe is an aging region collapsing under the weight of its social welfare state and a ruling class not supportive of democratic rule, but rules it masses through bureaucratic means. Democracy is losing to bureaucracy. The old order is dying, but a new order is replacing it. In the Middle East, a medieval religion will create near term instability before modernity takes over but until then, chaos rules.

Recently, I read a news story that Texas governor Rick Perry wants to design a college degree costing only $10,000, nearly a tenth of what it cost now, but this change radically tips the balance away from the old educational methods to new and more daring teaching methods that threaten the old educational order. As one pundit wrote, “The US is well positioned with its Tea Parties to come out on top of this upheaval. But it will not be pretty here either.”

The old order no longer believes in liberty or for that matter democracy except democracy ruled by bureaucrats and the ruling elite. The ruling elites no longer understands the world as it is as they have lost faith in those things that have served us well, like economic freedom supported by a classical liberal state that respects the rule of law and limited power for politicians and government in general.

We are being forced to relearn old lessons as we fail to heed the warnings of the past. As we speak, the stagflation of the 70’s have return but only it will be far worse as the economy sputters here and abroad while the flame of revolution explodes among much of the world. The old order is dying but the new order is not yet in place.


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