111th Congress Added $3.22 Trillion to the National Debt

CNS News reports that the 111th Congress added more to the national debt than the first 100 Congresses combined. The new debt, totalling $3.22 trillion amounts to $10,429.64 for every one of the over 300 million persons in the U.S. According to the CNS article, the total national debt now equals $13.859 trillion which equals "$44,886.57 for every man woman and child in the United States."


The 111th Congress beat out 110th Congress by $1.262 trillion. The article states that the Democrat controlled 110th Congress held the previous record, adding $1.957 trillion in debt. As we can see, that record did not last long. "The $3.22 trillion in new federal debt run up during the 111th Congress exceeds by 64 percent the $1.957 trillion in new debt run up during the 110th."


It is important to keep in mind that increased national debt is not only a problem when the Dems are in power. The Republican Led 109th and 109th Congresses incresed the national debt by $1.159 trillion and $1.054 trillion respectively. Increases under both Democrat AND Republican control beg the question: Will the historic 2010 elections, in which supposed conservatives were elected to an overwhelming majority in the House, bring enough conservative values to Congress to stop the spending?


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