National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Congressman Pete Sessions: Statement on Opening of 112th Congress

Majorities rise and fall by the will of the people, and this new Republican Congress is sworn in under the American people’s message to lead with accountability – not a mandate. I’m very proud that 87 new Republican Members will help lead the People’s House with the transparency and pro-growth solutions voters demanded. Delivering on our goal to make John Boehner Speaker of the House, the new Republican Majority is moving forward on our promises to reform government, cut spending and promote job creation in the free enterprise system.


While Nancy Pelosi and her party apparently have yet to understand the message sent on Election Day, the American people have no regrets for soundly rejecting the job-killing policies that Democrats imposed the last four years. The more determined Nancy Pelosi is to fight efforts to create jobs and grow our economy, the more motivated voters will be to ensure that she never holds the Speaker’s gavel again.


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Rep. Sessions-


Not Sworn In????


Did you not hear the cry for priority #1 in the November Vote??


Do your job and show up!


What a waste of time and money, as you chase fund raising for yourself or your friend!


What a foolish act of disrespect!


You talk urgency, yet you do not act with urgency, your lack of responsibility and improper missing proper actions TO SHOW UP, I would expect from Obama, not one of the main conservative leaders of the Congress.


What arrogance, that is what we voted out in November.


Sorry you did not get the memo, or you just do not get it.


Your former employer AT&T/ Southwestern Bell would never have tolerated such an act, you were trained better.


Rep. Henserling and Rep. DeMint never would have pulled such a stunt.  If you are going to run with the big dogs, act like one.


Your arrogant and selfish behavior is not the new program that started on the first day of this new Congress and you were AWOL, and not excusable!


Stop embarrassing us as a party, as a state, and as a district.  I have voted for you every time, since I came back to Dallas in 1996.


You have enraged and rained on the excitement of our new day!


I wish I knew how to write a stronger complaint!



Couldn't have said it better myself. From this day until election 2012, Sessions will be in the sights of the Democrats who will be painting him as a hypocrit. What possibly could be more important than being sworn into office. While others are following their Constitutional duty of being sworn in, Sessions is partying with supporters. I called Sessions' Dallas office and they blew it off as a "Parliamentarian decision" to cancel his votes. BS. The Congress voted to cancel his votes because they were illegal. Period. "Parliamentarian Decision"? How about violation of the Constitution?

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