Overwhelming 2010 House Defeat, 6% Approval, Democrats Have Turned Against Her - Pelosi Still Runs For Democrat Minority Leader

Despite and overwhelming defeat, 6% approval rating, and a letter from fellow Democrats asking her to step down, Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will run for House minority leader. Sean Hannity and Democrat Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell discussed the issue last week. Rendell explained:

Well, I think what those people are saying even more than personally they want this person out or that, is they want us to move forward as a country. They want us to cut spending. Absolutely. That's a clear message. But they also want us to tackle some of the difficult issues we're facing.
…And I think Nancy is a very good tactician in the House floor. And she can help bring about the compromise that I think the president needs to strike.

Hannity then countered back explaining, "San Francisco liberal, Nancy Pelosi since she became speaker, America accumulated $5 trillion in additional debt. Impactful?" Is she really the leader the Democrats want if they are trying to claim that they want to cut spending?

Of course Ed Rendell had no substantial rebuke and simply turned to the same excuse all Democrats turn to when they are caught in a corner - It's Bush's fault!

View the interview below:


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