Pete Sessions on House Rejection of Debt Limit Increase Without Spending Cuts and Reforms

I released the following statement regarding the House’s rejection of a measure supported by the Obama Administration to raise the national debt limit by $2.4 trillion without any conditions for fiscal responsibility by a vote of 97-318:

Raising our nation’s debt limit without enacting substantial reforms to create jobs and control long-term government spending is simply unacceptable and irresponsible. The American people soundly reject debt plans that fail to address our spending-driven debt crisis, and House Republicans will not stand for Washington’s status quo of adding debt without accountability. We should look no further than the S&P’s outlook downgrade of our nation’s long-term credit to see that our unsustainable debt poses a major threat to our nation’s future.

House Republicans know that our nation must maintain good credit so that America’s prosperity and economic security is not compromised. We must fulfill our financial obligations while simultaneously continuing our spending cut achievements that promote fiscal responsibility and empower our job creators. I will continue to fight for common-sense policies that tackle our nation’s debt crisis and ensure American prosperity for generations to come.


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