Suing the President for Executive Overreach

Remember when President Obama unilaterally delayed Obamacare’s employer mandate without Congressional approval – twice? Or when he tried to grossly expand EPA’s authority? How about when he told us all he needs to push his own liberal agenda without Congress is a pen and a phone? What I have been hearing from you in West Texas is that the President’s abusing his authority, and he’s taking our country in the wrong direction. I agree. I’m especially worried about his unilateral actions to bypass Congress – and bypass the U.S. Constitution.

In the House, we’re working to stop his executive overreach. We’ve passed multiple bills to hold him accountable to you and to his Presidential oath to uphold the Constitution, but he and the Senate Democrats have ignored them time and time again. So now the House is taking the lead on a lawsuit against President Obama. It will center on his unilateral actions in implementing Obamacare, and it will require the President to start doing his job – executing the law. This week we’ll vote on a bill to authorize Speaker Boehner to file a lawsuit on behalf of all of us in the House. I’m listening to you, and I’m sending a strong message to the President – we won’t sit back and let him override the Constitution.


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